PathFinders & PathBreakers - "Sunday School"



This is our Sunday morning time of fun and teaching for the children within Bethel - from Pre-school to Year 9.

Our aim in Pathfinders is for all our children to feel loved, safe and special so that they are able to open their hearts and minds to God - and feel that they are valuable members of the church that meets at Bethel.

First of all, after we leave the main service on Sunday mornings we join together for “news and chat” about our week and anything that is concerning us.

From 2024 we have started to then split into 2 groups, the older ones, PathBreakers, are school years 6 – 9 (around 10 – 14 years old) and PathFinders are the younger ones, years 5 and under (up to 10 years old).  PathBreakers is staffed by Jacqui & Jorja, and PathFinders by Jane & Clare, along with help from some of the moms/nans of the little ones.

PathBreakers now is a little more discussion based and thought provoking for the older end of the group.  They still have time for games, videos, etc. based on the theme of the week, but more aimed at their age range, and it is preparing them for the time when they will graduate on to IceBreakers.

PathFinders still has lots of the usual crafts, colouring, wordsearches, etc. as well as a video on the theme of each week, and for the really little ones, a time to play.  We always try to finish off with a little prayer related to whatever we have been talking about that week.

We aim to get back together for around 12.00pm so that we can chat with each other about what we’ve been doing during the morning – we use the same theme but approach it age-appropriately.

As the service in church finishes at different times each week, we keep an eye on the YouTube streaming of the service next door so that we know when to come back into church – isn’t technology wonderful?!

We are very proud of our PathFinders and PathBreakers, they are maturing into delightful young people with lovely hearts.  We appreciate your continuing prayers for all our children and young people who are such a vital part of the Church that meets at Bethel.