Here at Bethel we have our own ‘IceBreakers’ who are a group of 15+ year olds who meet each Sunday morning while the ‘preachy part’ is taking place in the chapel.

We meet in the area just outside the kitchen, which becomes our ‘space’ for about an hour each week and we use the time to chat about life, share news and info, catch up with friends who we haven’t  seen for a few days and generally just have a good ‘get together’.   Every week, once we’ve chatted about something that we think is great or concerns us, we take a subject and try to look at it from the viewpoint of being a Christian.  The stuff we talk through and the subjects we cover are so wide ranging that it’s difficult to put them all into one ‘box’ but the sessions are lively, often controversial and regularly go off into areas that we didn’t think about at the start.


Friday Night IceBreakers is for young people from school year 7 onwards (around 11 years old onwards).  On Fridays we have chilled out evenings in the back rooms, lawn and church areas.  Between 7.00-9.00pm during term-time, we get together with our friends to have a fun evening, with cooking, pool, badminton in church, music, etc. to keep us entertained.


Icebreakers is hopefully a place where young people can feel safe and valued and learn a little bit more about being alive and being a Christian in the 21st Century.

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